I haven't created an on my mind in quite sometime (sorry you guys) I've been keeping my inspiration held hostage in my moleskine notebooks! hahaha but anyways I'll get to the things that have been inspiring me lately then I'll talk about what's been going on with me personally after the jump

I just bought this magazine today like i've said before in some of my previous posts that I haven't really been buying magazines lately but I had to make an exception! Not only was it the 'New York' issue but it had Lady Gaga and Marc Jacobs on the front as well! I skimmed through it earlier today and was just so inspired so greatful that I'm truly in love with something that I'm passionate about. I can finally say that now this is what I want to do in life! This issue is just that good! One of the most important places in fashion New York...there's no other place I'd want to be...I also bought Elle & Us Weekly with Kelly Osbourne on the front (Us is not really a fashion magazine but I love Kelly Osbourne I just had to)
(sorry for the low quality picture its hard to find magazine covers/scans of her in magazines)

Ok now whats been going on with me! Alots been going on... ok I'm going to give you the long short story of what I've been doing since I've left The Art Institute of Dallas (college).... I've been out of a job since June so I've been basically trying to find a job so I can save up and go to college out in New York hopefully Parsons (fingers crossed) I decided to leave AI because I just wasn't happy there...I was settling for less and I promised myself that I would never settle for less and I asked myself Why do something if it doesn't make you happy? So someone blessed me with a sign and I left! (sorry didn't mean to bring out the holy ghost on you guys hahahaha)

 But now have a new job I'm getting paid more and I get free food and free coffee (wink wink I won't say where I'm working quite yet) but I work in an airport! I'm kind of excited! I feel like I'm starting over...I feel blissful I'm ready to work on myself and work on real goals I've got to get out of Texas ASAP! I guess its kind of ironic that I work in an airport isnt it? hahaha Now I have time to work on getting my body into shape and also work on starting my new blog and getting things set up with that & also start buying things to start designing again!

Today I had one of the best days with my friend Amanda... and its amazing how the simplest of things can make me happy! Today she and I went to a chinese restaurant where they cook the food right in front of you I think its call a mongolian grill?...I'm not sure I could be wrong (forgive me if I am) but it was delicious and then today I went to a Comic Book store for the first time EVER in my life! Some how she conjured me into buying some comic books. I've always been inspired by 1950s-1970s style of comic books so here are some that I bought! (and also we bought some Sailor Moon stickers! YES! SAILOR MOON!
Then we also went to the Halloween store and played around in the store and headed to Barns & Noble to buy magazines! I had so much fun today!


Anonymous said...

I was attending he Art Institute of Chicago. & I hated it. GOOD LUCK with Parsons!

ALANNAH said...

Wow I'm glad I'm not the only one! Thank you :)