What you should be listening to!!

The Black Keys 'Attack & Release' album (Released 2008)
Right now I'm in the process of listening to all 3 albums (Attack & Release, Magic Potion & Brothers) from The Black Keys but I think this one is my favorite altough its from 2008 doesent mean that its not any good! If you like sort of raw blues-rock sound then you'll like this album
(songs I'm listening to most frequently 'Remember Me (Side A)', 'Same Old Thing' & All You Ever Wanted')

Lissie 'Catching a Tiger' Album (Released 2010)
(songs I'm listening to most frequently 'Everywhere I Go', 'In Sleep' 'Here Before')

Hole 'Live Through This' (Released 1994)

I think this album by Hole (Courtney Love in general) has had a big impact in my life When I first started getting into Hole early of last year this album had the biggest effect on my life. I love it so much I know every song by heart off of the album. If anyone asked me what my all time favorite song was I would say 'Doll Parts' then 'Miss World', then 'Softer,Softest,'

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