On my list of people I would like to meet there is this man... Adam Spiegel aka Spike Jonze. I know alot of people are going to bash (well not bash) but get after me about not seeing this film sooner (Where The Wild Things Are) like a month ago and I watched it and it made me feel some sort of way...a type of way that felt like home, like my childhood and of course when I was younger I grew up reading the original book of WTWTA but its amazing how Spike could capture the original WTWTA with a modern 20th century feel on directing and visual effects. It made me feel emotional because the whole film was about feeling alone and finding a place where you feel like you belong, and trust me I'm well too familiar with that! Even the cast was spectacular I couldn't picture a more perfect cast!


Any man...or anyone that can make me feel this strong of a way about something I have to meet!

But I know Spike for more than just for WTWTA film but for many other projects he's collaborated on such as

Kanye West


Chrissy E said...

Ok..I have to admit something..
I fucking LOVE your posts.
I truthfully read every one,I try not to respond to everyone of them because I don't want to seem like a pathetic physcotic web/blog stalker.;o.<--i probably sound like one already
But seriously I have to reply because I want you to know your doing an absolutely wonderful job.

ALANNAH said...

aww OMG! thank you so much! no no nooo! dont feel like that I more than appreciate when people comment on posts! It makes me feel like I'm doing something right! But really Chrissy thank you so much I really do appreciate your comments :)

Chrissy E said...

No prob'
I am now a sworn in reader!