Ok So I'm not really going to 'review' the Lady Gaga "Telephone" Video but I just want to say that Lady Gaga to me (and many others) is amazing in her own right not only does she bring female empowerment but also inspiration through out all of her music videos short films. I just think shes an amazing person shes not afraid to be 'ugly' and not sexy as much as many other pop stars feel that they need be to make their career. But Gaga brings both without being obvious. What I loved about the video was mainly the 'ugly' parts so here are some of my screen caps that were my favorite highlights of the short film/music video

I have a deep love for stripes in general

when she made this look I knew the video was going to be amazing!

Look at Gagas sister (Kourtney) in the back! :)

that look!

her monster dance

Is lady Gaga like deathly skinny now adays? or is it just an illusion?...I mean she looks like Nicole Rich circa 2006....ok maybe not that skinny

When Beyonce took a bite of that honey bun I melted lol

Her makeup in this scene (done by Billie B Makeup artist) its like she has a 'dead' stare her makeup is so bold and heavy she looks like a mannequin.

Beyonce's little hop dance

this look made my day and my heart flutter

Death Stare

I want Beyonce's Bettie Paige wig!

Overall 5 stars for the video! theirs not one scene that I didnt like

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Van said...

your synopsis of this vid was dead on. very well-thought out and precise.