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So Vogue Italia this March is coming out with a Black/ Curvy/Talent Issue and when my lovely friend Sean told me about this it was very eye opening and inspirational when I actually seen the short 5 minute interview video of Crystal Renn I was automatically struck by her upcoming and battle in the modeling industry and also her features are amazing! shes so inspirational and I'm so happy that Vogue is featuring her and that I found her! Also I didnt even recognize that, that was her in V Magazine's Size Issue!

Crystal is on the right

Shes a size 12 and I look at her and she looks amazing to me! thats the size I would like to be!

P.S Is it just me or is American Vogue boring???! Like Vogue Paris,Italia,Nippon,even UK sometimes is much better than American Vogue...like whats going on I was so very disappointed when I picked up the March Issue (w/Tina Fey on the cover) and flipped through about 75 pages of advertisement before I got to any sort of article...and then when I did get to an article it was boring (and if your wondering I just don't collect magazines for the spreads or photos I actually read the articles and journalism!) So for me to actually purchase Vogue was a waste of $4 even the feature that they did about fashion bloggers was boring...just two pages? really? thats the last time I buy American Vogue...and Its not like I'm downing Vogue because I respect Anna Wintours vision because obviously shes making money and doing something right but I guess its just not the right magazine for me? I guess I'm into more visually appealing magazines more modern I guess....

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alexander said...

I have always said that Vogue is very one dimensional and isn't really appealing to eye, and got chewed out for saying so. I'm happy SOMEONE finally see's through it, albeit I do agree about Wintour!