So my bday is coming up pretty soon (April 22nd) and for probably like two years now my bestfriend and I have been making 20 years old sound like it was "the-most-dreadful-year-ever" like 19 sounds ok and then 21 is when you get to do everything and anything but 20 sounds old...I don't know....I'm not really worried about it its just another year and I'll be the exiting of my 'teen' years....So this year for me is really suppose to be about change and I really want to keep that promise to myself and I owe it also to myself to do something for my 20th bday! (this is the most terrible ramble ever I'm sorry in advance)

As for presents for the last two weeks I've been buying my own gifts! :)
Do you guys want to see what I purchased once it comes in the mail? should I make an early bday present post? anywho

Sorry for the lack of good post lately I've been so busy with school trying to get through midterms or just even make it period this quarter. SCATTERBRAINED! I promise good posts are coming soon!

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