*Technical flats due to change over the course of assignment ;)

Remember my post when I was obsessing over seafoam colored greens? Well today when I went to the garment district to go buy some fabric for a garment I'm making...and being the person that I am I will have an idea of what I want to do at home or in my mind and then actually get to the fabric store and do a complete 360 on what I orginally had planed. Also remember my post about what I was originally going for? But I knew I probably couldnt make a ultra-sheer blouse and have one of the models that model for our school not wear a bra if my garments made it towards the fashion show. So sheer was out of the question sad to say...But during my off time I'm going to make the shirt in the sheer material that I bought! :)

Ok so I get to the fabric store and I start looking at all these diferent fabrics that I could use to make a stove pipe (skinny) pant out of and I'm looking around and trying to keep in mind that I'm designing for spring! I want color! I need to get out of these neutral colors and get some color into my design process and start being open towards color. So I see this seafoam green color sort of I think linen polyester mixed fabric and I'm thinking in my head meanwhile looking at the clock realizing that its 30 minutes till closing time at the store so I picked up the fabric so they can cut it. But also I bought it in black just incase I fall out of love of how it turns out in the end and also automatically when I see this seafoam color I think of Davidflin Spring2010 and I'm like oh shit! its an amazing collection and beautiful color pallet but now I'm going to have to add something to these pants in order to not make it look identical to his pants in his collection but also stay limited to the requirements that need to be met for this assigment...UGHH RESTRICTIONS! :(

So even though I bought the sheer fabric for the blouse that I wanted to make....I still need to buy blouse material for the actual assignment I need to turn in for a grade...so I have a couple of weeks to descide on what color and material I will use that will go great with these pants! so wish me luck! and I will try to keep everyone who is interested updated on the garments I'll be making this quarter!

Thank you everyone who reads my blog and follows subcribes. I really do appreciate it and love you all!

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