Magazines Magazines! February 2009 from left to right & why you should get them if your into fashion

i-D February 2009 "you cant mistake my biology" issue
- This months magazine for i-D is all about Mens fashion so if your a guy you should really go pick this up and get it because there's alot of great stuff in there! (which I will be posting on here about later)

Nylon February 2009-I love how Nylon has changed the layout and font styling of there magazine hence the new year! it has more interesting articles more fashion...well if you've been reading them before for a while and then look at this issue you can tell they stepped it up (tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this?)

Harpers Bazaar February 2009- *A must have because they go over all the spring collections so if you've seen it and passed it up. Go buy it because its a great magazine!

French/Paris Vogue February 2009- DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD I HAD TO SEARCH FOR THIS!?.... WELL NOT THAT HARD BUT IT WAS ALMOST OUT OF STOCK AND I REALLY WANTED IT BECAUSE OF LARA STONE ON THE COVER! I love how throughout the whole magazine its all about the cover girl (Lara Stone)

*I wish more magazines where like that instead of having maybe 3-5 pages and the interview in it. I want more! :D

Elle UK February 2009- With Kate Winselt on the cover Elle UK has never broken my heart and always remained faithful with there issues(magazines)

Elle US Febuary 2009- With Jessica Alba...not really a fan of hers but I just bought the magazine because it is the Spring issue for here in the US

Finally I recieved my RIP YSL shirt in the mail from Blood Is the New Black! I ordered this maybe the begining of january and I just recieved it now because they were going out of stock! I'm so happy and I cant wait to wear it!


alexander said...


how much?


for the shirt? 42$ that was including tax & shipping

Illustra Allie Nicole said...

ha i bought that nylon magazine today

Anonymous said...

loooooooveeeeeeee it.
la, what's your e-mail?

Robër Pierre said...

♥!! I wanted to get BL'S YSL tribute tee too can't decide black/white though lol