Alexander Wang...my oh my you always seem to amaze me every season! To me in my own personal opinion Alex's style is what people call rocker glam chic, its like rebellion to all what you know about ritual dressing...like for example if you wanted to wear a dress and that was too simple he would suggest wearing some tights underneath it...and regularly people would probably say "what the hell are thinking?!" but Alexander goes against that and says why cant you wear tights/leggings under dresses? WHO SAYS? AND WHO CARES! rebelling against the normal. I love his Fall 2009 Collection! Like below the coat jacket without shoulders! who would think to do something like that?! this is my first time seeing something like that ever! Very innovative! Also what sparked my interest was the white oversized mens business thsirt styled with I think what is a dress underneath! its like who thinks of putting those two together!?? Alex Wang! :)

The Shoes are lovely even though I have to see a close up to see if I am really smitten by them! Also those Biker Short/leggings I love that textile on there! (on the seventh row first picture)

I've never seen a coat jacket without shoulders! Thats inovative

*Those Biker Short/leggings I love that Textile on there!

*side note Lily Donaldson Face is amazing shes such a beautiful model


LaLa said...

great post

Robër Pierre said...

his fall collection is simply OVAH!