Does anyone rap anymore? whats the use...I was watching 106 & Park yesterday while waiting for Family Guy to come on and realized "freestyle Friday" was on...and I guess they were battling or whatever and I was listening to the things they said and was like WTF?? I guess Nas was right Hip Hop is dead...In my opinion Rap and Hip Hop are two different things...Rap is when you just rhyme, have some 808 on your song and make it catchy you know very commercial. Hip Hop on the other hand its music that reaches to your soul where you can feel it and you know its classic, something good, there's only a couple of artists that I can say do that for me (Lupe Fiasco,Jay-Z,Common,Kanye West) Honestly to me there is no "new generation" for hip hop. Its just catchy mess piled onto more catchy mess that people and I myself seem to fall in love with...I look at music like this if an artist makes a song or even an album that the WHOLE or HALF of world makes its an anthem or remembers for decades to come then you my friend have made history! lol. Seriously I'll see songs I've downloaded from maybe 2003 on my computer and say to myself what happen to them!!??? I understand that everyone has a dream but...I don't know...I'm tired of seeing the same ole shit come out of the south sounding the same if your talking about Chevy's,money,bitches,hoes,Cadillac,i get money,hustlein every single song...guarantee people are going to get tired of you. So come to the table with more than a couple of easy rhymes. These days you have to be a PRODIGY in order to be a hip hop artist


Anonymous said...

soo true!
Hip-Hop is dead.

RISSA E said...

yup, this is the current state of hip hop. Im not gunna lie some of the stuff is catchy but I mostly listen to biggie, old jay z, common and kanye's graduation everything else is blah. Hopefully 2009 is different, new year new music