Well well well...its that time of year again and I'm not talking about Christmas...in my mind I've totally skipped the whole x-mas day and headed straight into the new year and I've been on the fence about making resolutions or not to make them Because I usually don't keep them...ughh don't get me wrong I have them...but its not something I want to set as a goal and have to be done by a specific date but just be able to do them here are some of my resolutions:

1. Lose weight at least...lbs I wont put the number lol
-get a personal trainer

2. Start doing yoga

3. Keep myself up, taking better care of myself and appearance

4. Be more social

5. Learn French Fluently

I really hope I keep these this year, because I really want to be happy & start living life to the fullest this year and years to come! geezz I'm 18 these should be the best times of my life!

what are your resolutions?! I'd love to hear them! comment


[$ H A R O N A] said...

i agree with the french. i can only pick out words and phrases but i cant repeat them to well.

yes on the weight loss.

and wardrobe revamp. yess i feel ya.

i havent quite got into my resolutions yet...

Anonymous said...

I agree with French and the wardrobe. Although wardrobe shouldn't be on there because as you change, your wardrobe starts to change, it may be gradual, but putting a goal on it can be a a disaster because you might be so fixated on it. But if you become a better you, it will change on it's own.

Have fun, you're 18, weight loss could be a goal, but again not so fixated on it, unless it's bothering you.

just my opinion...

me, on the other hand, i don't really do resolutions. lol.

La La said...

I know right! thats what I was thinking, I'm gonna take that wardrobe thing off lol

this is the whole reason why I diddnt really want to make resolutions because I don't want it to be a goal or have a set date...lol I don't really do resolutions either

(im going to rewrite this post!)

Sarah Noelle said...

Change just happens. Breathe. Find your rhythm girl. Seriously. I want to make some changes too. Take life one day at a time. You'll see. You know -- being that I do the personal lifestyle blog thing -- & I'm really passionate about my blog, Im making some serious changes too. :) I'm going give the blog a face you know. Make it MORE personal. The readers dont really know who I am. You gotta just DO IT. Dont think about it so much. Dont lose weight either. Tone up. The loss will come when you start toning. Just start off slow. It'll happen. OH, and its not about eating less. Its about WHAT you eat. You can eat one cupcake a day. Wont make you healthy lol. If you eat MAD veggies -- you get it..lol. But yea. Change is amazing. ill be watching your progress ;)

La La said...

lol thanks sarah! :)
I havent had cupcakes in ages

But yeah For the last couple of months I havent really been eating alot of junk food at all and I've been watching what I eat, I just want to get into the gym and shed a couple pounds

I always read your blog, and I love it!

Sarah Noelle said...

send me your SN!

La La said...

for aim right? xgoldcupcakesx lol

Sean Garrette Lundy said...

i def agree with the lose weight thing!
i wanna lose a couples punds just to be heathlier

and i started doing yoga about week ago, if you have comcast cable go on excercise tv under ondemad and they have a ton of yoga excercises

and i def need to be more social =]

good luck wth you goal!

RISSA E said...

i took french for two years and it slipped out my head but I still have a lil in me cause my second language is creole.

I need to be more social as well. I HAVE LIKE ONE FRIEND, smh LOL

I want to start taking modeling seriously!!!!

And I really need to start acting my age, I act like a 50 year old lady with 10 cats, not a good look Im only 19 soon 2 be 20

good luck with your new year resolutions lala