Okay when I was 17 my mom told me the story about my name and how she wanted me to come out looking she told me that when her and my dad were dating they went to go see one of my fav films by Spike Lee Do The Right Thing and she told my dad that she wanted me to come out looking like one of the girls in the movie her(below)

and I cant seem to figure out her name in the movie or her real name. But my mom said to my dad "I want my baby to look like her only dark skinned" and I look at that movie everytime and say to myself I don't really look like her but then I do?...and then whats also weird in this movie is that theirs this little girl in the movie that's playing with chalk and she wrote a name and it says 'Lana' its not my full name(Alannah) but it was weird because everyone calls me that in this screen cap you can kind of see it but you have to watch the movie if you cant really tell because of her leg is in the way

its crazy because she said that she named me after this singer that she liked named Alannah Miles but I don't know I tried to get into her music, but ehhh

---Lady Gaga!X Mark The Cobrasnake!
How I love them both!

(photos:the cobrasnake)

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