Tribute To Bowie

As I sit here in my room, unaccomplished of the goals that I set the night before. Feeling guilty and broke...is not a good way to feel right about now. But my theory is 'theirs always tomorrow' even though people always say 'their might not be a tomorrow'. I don't think of it that way...Lately(since I've graduated from highschool) I no longer feel comfortable mooching off my parents. I feel pathetic about other people giving me money when I should already should have a job, but with this recession its no joke trying to find a job and plus with my little job experience...doesn't make it any better! I'm tired of giving people excuses of why I didnt do something. I think I have a mild case of agoraphobia... well anywho that's besides the point! David Bowie just popped into my mind today and decided to give a tribute to him (in this blog)

(btw lol fav show)

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