My dear computer has been with me through thick and thin since 2004...ole faithful DELL desktop computer how thee has collected dust bunnies throughout your years...as I sit in this computer chair and type on this keyboard that has bits of chips stuck in the cracks...I fear for my dear life that you will one day die out on me...your warnings about software updates,mcafee virus protection & spyware...the list goes on just to protect you...All my wonderful photographs music and ideas are saved on you...Windows has fucked people over for many years! Its time to switch!

No but seriously, I really am scared that one day I will eventually run out of ALL my disk space and my computer will blow up...its time for a new one I want a MAC macbook!
I can't decide on either the black or white one...Maybe Christmas I'll get one! every time I see the commercials on tv I grit my teeth (lol really?)

And for my life style right about now as I get older and want to do more things. I would enjoy having a macbook you know I'm tired of getting out of bed at 3 in the morning and turning on the dell from hibernation sitting in the uncomfortable chair and finding the things that I just couldn't wait to see/hear in the morning! Atleast if I had a MAC I would be in the bed DAMNIT! enough rambling!
everything is fucking dying out on me...my computer...my shitty Canon Powershot S3 IS...I tend to neglect when I find higher quality things


Yummie D said...

i felt the sameee way about my HP it had crazyy sick viruses. i got it recently and they gave me a free pink i pod nano. dopee & i got white i recommend white for you too. I love it best thing that's ever happened since robots

La La said...

lol yummie :)
okay i'll see how this poll turns out and then i'll go examine them both together at the store again xoxo thank u :)