In the pursuit

Hey you guys I know its been a while since I actually talked on here! Alot has been going on in my life my constant pursuit of happiness, new goals being set, me trying to save up money and work hard at work...but sometimes It gets hard trying to stay positive and almost every other day I want to give up but then I remember what I love and I remember the woman I want to become and I cant stop! I won't give up there are too many great ideas in my head that I want to share with the world and constant little things in my everyday life that people remind me that I am something special. Lately I've just been sketching doodling, alot of writing and alot of blog and internet surfing! I've also been buying books! Maybe one day I'll take pictures and post some books that I've recently purchased!

P.S I have a surprise coming soon soon soon! Please tell me you're still with me reading this blog?!! :)


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still reading!