"The Girl I Want To Be"

I want to be fearless
I want to be confident
I want to get tattoos and not give a fuck
I want to smile and be sexy
I want to look “sexy”
I want to feel “sexy”
I want my body to feel sexy
I want to strut around in heels 24/7
I want to wake up every morning feeling like I can conquer the world
I want my face and body language to show that I’m actually happy
I want my body to feel good

What’s stopping me from being the girl (woman) I want to be?? Nothing at all but I have to believe in myself because I’m all that I have it all starts with me first…and of course we can all say that I’ll start tomorrow but its hard and it takes time especially for me! I’m on the path now to trying to be a better me.



love this!

ALANNAH said...

thank u! :)

andi c said...

this is awesome!