Hey guys I just wanted to update everyone on what was going on in my little world (not much but I do feel the need to talk about it!) I've been working non-stop and feeling fatigue more than ever latley...it could be the reason of me not exercising and not really eating healthy/at all :( But I'm trying to change that all now adays Ok back to what I really wanted to talk about my "to do list"

Any and every time I feel the need to 'cleanse' my life or change things around I always rearrange my room/throw out or give away alot of my stuff like just recently I mentioned that I had chuck taylors (shoes) that I wanted to give away so tonight I gave some away to my co-worker I mean he didn't take all of them but he took 4 out of 13 pairs that I had! So I actually feel great and next I'm going to work on my magazine collection (and if you know me I have a million magazines just sitting in my room) I'll be stripping down and ripping out my favorite pages from all the mags from 2006-2009 like Elle, Elle UK,  Vogue, etc the 8"x11" magazines...because I just don't have the heart to rip apart my V magazine, Interview or any other bigger magazines so I'll just use a straight edge cut them out nice and neatly and place them in page protectors and save them for future inspiration references (sounds OCD and tedious but thats what I want to do!) So I'm pretty excited about that! Omg...wait does it sound like I'm a old lady but instead of collecting stamps or cat sweaters I'm collecting/saving magazine pictures?...please I hope it doesnt sound like that! hahahahaha but anways besides my other goals thats really on my to do list!

As for life plans I've did another 360.... instead of moving to New York in the next year I'm going back to college (for fashion design) out here in Texas but I have a few requirements before I go back to college and get into this thing again because when I was studying in college I wasn't really serious about it and I wasn't happy so now I know the things that I need before I actually start that up again...I need to have my personal life right...(if that makes any sense?). Its probably the best thing I've decided on doing in a long time....it feels 'safe'...not that taking risks shouldnt ever happen but I want to be smart and get my degree before I move out of state...

P.S. Remember when I made that post about me buying those AWESOMMEEEEEE A Wang shoes online?? well they came in! (see picture below) but I freaking couldnt get them on!!! They were my size but the way they were made it was difficult to put on! like they dont have a zipper so I guess my narrow foot couldnt get into them? but either way I was so pissed off that I had to return them that I accidently took it out on everyone :( I mean they're freaking ALEXANDER WANG SHOES!...ughh I don't even want to talk about it anymore...I'm buying a new pair to fill my void... (just kidding)

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