Ok I can finally admit now that I kind of want an iPad!! When it first came out I was a little hesitant about what do I really need to be purchasing a tablet from apple that doesn't have a camera or as many features as my macbook has...but since the iPad 2 launched I am drooling over should I  buy this! Since I am going back to school (college) this winter I think this would be brilliant for me to have instead of bringing my laptop (which is probably twice the weight of an iPad!) Plus when I was in school when the first one came out and this girl pulled it out of her bag to sketch on I was kind of jealous so now I'm ogling on the the Apple website every other day to see if I really want it or not (which I do! ) 

You know sometimes you never really notice how long you've had something until someone else points it out to me like for example a hairstyle that you never ever ever seem to change or foods you always eat or even having the same style since high-school well a few days ago my mom pointed out to me that I obviously need a new macbook....and when she notices things like that it means that its time to get a new one...I mean I bought my macbook February 2009 and its only March 2011 so thats not alot of years but I guess in 'Apple time' thats a century! (lol) So now I'm also looking for a new macbook I think this time I may look into getting a Macbook Pro being because I need alot more space on my computer but getting an iPad and new macbook is at the bottom of highly priced items to get