(photos:screen caped by me)
If you know me I'm a late movie watcher I never really catch movies when they come out in theatre so when I added this movie called Chloe to my Netflix que I knew it was going to be a good one. I can say that I absolutely loved this movie! Not only was it good but the costume design, production design and even the directing of photography was pretty captivating to me, its so simple but theres alot of detail in this movie...very stylish and that's what I pay attention to when I'm watching alot of movies/films...not the dramatics but the smaller unnoticeable things. I think through out the whole movie the only two things I really kept in mind was how beautiful Julianne Moore is and her gorgeous red hair and how amazing Amanda Seyfried loose 1930s wavy hair is just old Hollywood glamorous her big round eyes it reminded me of Betty Davis in a way. Also is it weird that I love how they styled Julianne Moore in this film? I love this type of style very clean cut very middle aged typical house wife per say... with Seyfried not so much because I can tell they wanted to keep her very 'young' in the movie very 'innocent' but if you haven't seen the movie or ever heard of it check the trailer here or go rent/buy it! Trust me its a must see!

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(photos:screen caped by me)

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Ziggy said...

I really liked the movie when I saw it some months ago.
I agree with you. Julianne Moore is beautiful and a wonderful actress.