The more and less time that I get to myself to relax and do what I love...I really question myself is fashion something I want to do or better yet am I cut out for it? Do I really have the drive like other people have?...am I driven its like my brain is going through a modern day Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde story or a devil and an angel sitting on my shoulder sometimes I feel like I want to give up and search for something else I was "destined for"...but deep down I have this gut feeling that I'm made to create...to do something in this world.

Then I have all these people from (some) around the country and the world telling me not to give up and that I'm creative and special and it really warms my heart to hear/see people who hardly even know me have so much faith in me...it really keeps me going and I really appreciate every single one of you! Even through all of my procrastination and everything you still believe in me and I want to thank you again and I'm not giving up

P.S New blog hopefully coming in January 2011!! very very soon! If everything works out as planned it will here! bigger and better things soon to come!

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