My mind through visuals....

I'm so ready for the new year to begin...I promised myself to never make a new years resolution ever again because I never keep them...but by me even saying that...doesn't that make that a resolution?? hmm...anyways I'm ready to start my new blog ready or not its going to be thrown together I'm semi ready...I'm tired of telling myself that I have to be physically fit to put myself out there onto my blog when so many other bloggers don't care about their appearance (size wise) and the still look amazing!! (ex: fashion haley and Gabby from YFF) all I need to do now is get a camera....

I don't even know if people still look at/ read this blog anymore? you guys are probably tired of my shit anyways! ha! its fine I'm tired of it too! But its time to crank out all of these amazing ideas I have in my head and that I want to share with the world!
I'm looking forward to starting the new blog mid January or mid February...I'm not sure! But I will let you guys know through here when I do start! :)


Anonymous said...

i still look at your blog
i love your blog
& i look forward to your new stuff

ALANNAH said...

aww thank you it means alot to me that you still read/look at it :)