(photo: fashion copious)
I love Crystal Renn in these photographs! Although one of these photos is questionable (yeah... the one where shes posing weird... and not the "fashionable weird")

But anyways I finally got a weekend off!! And I'm so excited I've never had a weekend off since I first started my new job! So Friday night when I got off I just ended up renting some movies I never not around to seeing while they were in theatres like Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Get Him To The Greek, Going The Distance, Inception, and Eat Pray Love. Today my friend and I visited the garment district because I'm taking out the time to make an NYE (New Years Eve) outfit!... nothing too extravagant but its my style very simple I'll most likely post pictures on here soon! (Its a sheer black shirt and a bandage skirt!) lol

Also a side note I just love my friends because sometimes I get so caught up in being alone and trying to stay to myself that I forget the feeling of having a great friend and I'm so happy that I do have at least a couple I just feel so grateful for them

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