The thing that I love about Lissie is that her music to me has real feeling to it like its not just some written song by some producer or song writer like you see now adays and thats what I love about her and also that she sounds amazing live. Her sound to me is so raw it has that folk rock vibe towards it which I'm just in love with all together if you havent heard of her please google her or go check out her website and buy the album you wont regret it Plus she's done a cover of Lady Gagas 'Bad Romance' and also Kid Cudi 'Pursuit of Happiness' which I thought was pretty impressive.

Buy her album Catching A Tiger ITUNES | AMAZON | LISSIE OFFICIAL SITE

click read more to see some more of her songs (which I cant get enough of!)


Kendr▲ said...

I love your blog, care to exchange links?

ALANNAH said...

Thanks for checking out my blog :) Sure I'd love to exchange links!