MY TOP 12: AUGUST 2010

I know in the past I've had the links to where you can download the music on here but Blogger got after me about hosting music that isn't mines so I will just put the embedded songs so you can listen and then buy them from itunes or where ever! :)

1. HOLE - 'Doll Parts' (really all of the Hole albums every single song on repeat!)

2. Sky Ferreira - 'One'

3. Sia - 'You've Changed'

4. MGMT - 'It's Working' (* I love the direction that MGMTs' Congratulation album has gone in its a very...70s psychedelic type album)

5. Kelis 'Brave'

6. The Black Keys - 'Brave' (Please go buy their new album titles 'Brothers' its so good!)

7. Katy Perry - 'Teenange Dream' (I cant wait for her album to come out!!)

8. Billy Joel - 'Vienna Waits For You' (When I feel like giving up and I think that I'm not worth anything I listen to this song and I cry because its a reminder for me that everything that I really want to do in life comes in time...)

9. Lady Gaga - 'Alejandro'

10. Robyn - 'Hang With Me'

11. Paramore - 'The Only Exception'

12. New Young Pony Club - 'Stone'

Hope you enjoy! :)

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“örysten said...

"Vienna Waits For You" is a great song.