I love when I find amazing blogs that actually have some meaning to them and not splurging about how much they love a celebrities outfit or some other complete nonsense but anyways here a couple of blogs that I just love so much please go and check them out!
*please note that none of these bloggers have contacted me to promote their sites!

Educating Vintage is ran by Helen and she created her blog Educating Vintage to show that fashion can and should be fun no matter what your shape, size, colour, sex, age, knowledge or budget. What I love about her blog is that she gives real stories about real situations that she goes through with buying clothes and how the fashion world is really and can be a one way street when it comes to size. The blog is really about for her love of vintage and just embracing who you are and being comfortable who you are!

This is Marnie she owns the blog It's A Dull Life and I know shes a reader of PLANEE JANE! :) I love this blog not only because of its high quality pictures but also her inspiration posts that she puts together that are just amazing! heres how she describes her blog

"It's A Dull Life is a combination of fashion, music, art and film all thrown together into a pretty little mess. It is anything but dull, and that is the simple beauty of it. "
and this is why I love it! also I don't know if shes into Yeah Yeah Yeah's but every time I'm on her blog I think of that song 'Dull Life'


I just found out about this blog maybe 3 hours ago and I'm already obessed with it! Seven Halos which is ran by Jennifer and it isnt just your typical 'fashion blog' it incoperates art, theater, architecture, interiors, industrial design, graphics etc which I automatcially love when it comes to fashion because when your one sided when it comes to blogging or in fashion in general I think thats the best way to lose your audience So check out Seven Halos! you won't be disappointed!

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