These six people are the people who I admire so much.

1. Zana Bayne she is so amazing and I admire her because not only is she amazingly creative but whatever she wants to do in life she does it nothing stops her!  "I guess I'm the sort of person who when I want something to happen, I want it to happen tomorrow." (taken from her blog here)

2. Kesh for the same reason I seem to admire people who are very nomadic, people who are free and like to move around and travel the world and Kesh I can say from my personal opinion is one. Not only is she beautiful and young she does what she wants to do in life and also what makes her happy!

3. Ms. Kelly Cutrone I've always knew who she was on tv but when she received her own spin off show  Kell On Earth I instantly fell in love not only did I see myself in her (even though I'm like 20 years old) I looked up to her as a role model as a strong power woman I've also bought her book and am reading it this summer and it is amazing! She has definitely been a big inspiration/aspiration/motivation to me over the past year

4. Goo Goo for Gaga! Lady Gaga! one of the most influential people of the year and also to me as well. Even though sometimes in the papers and online she gets named as un-original. But to me she lets her freak flag fly and is the most unique artist I've ever seen in a long time! Ever since I've seen the 'Poker Face' music video it changed my life.

5. The Dalai Lama 

6. Crystal Renn she's beautiful and also a plus size supermodel she's so beautiful and inspiring.


Taryn said...

Zana, Kesh and Kells Especially are definitely people I look up to. Kelly is truly a tough cookie, she tells it like it is, and she rules planet powerbitch!

I like the fact that kesh, is a free spirit as well and does what she wants. She's not tied down to rules, its her life and she lives it the way she wants. Thats haute.

The first time I saw zana, I fell inlove with her curls!

J. said...

Love Garbage Dress!

great group to keep you inspired!