You guys know every once and a while I get the feeling that my blog is no good and I start to judge myself and my blog as a whole. But lately I've been seeing so many great blogs and cant help to be a little bit envious It seems like every other day I keep finding myself hating my blog even more and more. I keep seeing all of these great ones...I want mines to die lol. But I know you guys like the blog so I try to keep it up until I start my other one it just seems like its getting harder because I'm caring less and less and that's not good because I really appreciate and care about my readers that actually take time out to read my blog and comment on the posts that I write...that's the only thing that's really keeping me going

Sorry xx

(I'll keep posting until I start the new one)


Anonymous said...

i know how u feel
thats how i feel about my blog on tumblr. but, i love ur blog

ALANNAH said...

thank you so much :D