So lately (does it seem like lately/all the time I start my sentences off saying "So lately...." hahaha) I really do! But honestly It seems like lately I've been into purple things and lipsticks! I really want to buy a couple! I have a few MAC shades in mind that I've been eyeing for a couple of weeks. If you've been reading this blog for the last couple of weeks you've seen when I made the 'everything blue' post and now I'm in love with 'everything purple' lol I guess I'm going through my color phases But now I'm really into everything purple (hence my on my mind post)

Hole 'Live Through This' album I've been tweeting on and on and writing #nowplaying tweets for months about this album even though it is from the 90s Its still amazing! every time I listen to it I feel bad ass like I can take over the world! I feel empowered! If you don't know who Hole is Its Courtney Loves' band :) LISTEN TO IT NOW!

So the quarter is almost up at my school is almost over theres 3 weeks left and final projects are coming into effect! With my Pattern Making class in mind I am so excited to be able to make my own pattern from scratch and design my own outfit! (and If your not really familiar with what pattern making is heres a little information about it!) Ok! So the assignment is to make a pattern and also design something that interprets an fine artist/any artist through actual fabric! I have a few things in mind but If I'm able to actually pull this through I will definetly show it on here! because I'm so excited! Just a little hint I'm trying to use an image from this book and interpret it into an outfit (this book is amazing by the way)

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