I want this bag!

(photos: Garbage Dress)
I've been a fan of Zana Baynes' blog Garbage Dress for a little of a year now and I must admit it is one of my daily reads! Do I really have to explain why I love her? Recently she has been experimenting with a lot of leather lately and these are some of the many pieces shes come up with not to mention her famous wing shoulder harnesses which are seen everywhere no a days! In fashion magazines and also on an famous R&B artist! (Monica for her 'Everything To Me' music video)

What I'm really trying to get at is that her work is really inspiring it seems like every other day shes creating something new and Its really motivational & inspiring to me! It makes to me want to design more and to push out more creative and innovative ideas and actually bring them to life rather than it just being a 'dream' or just an 'idea' check out Zanas' blog Garbage Dress and also buy some of her stuff from her store here

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Chrissy E said...

Amazing find .Now she would make me want to take a trip to the hardware store.I will definitely read up on her.