So! I finally found the time to buy Courtney Loves band Hole's album 'Nobody's Daughter' and I spent the whole day listening to it and I fell in love! Not because I love Courtney Love overall but this album is really good! Its kind of has more acoustic melodies rather than a hard rock vibe to it! Don't get me wrong Courtney is still a rock star and this has got to be the best album to date! I remember reading Elle UK when she when she was on the cover talking about her new album that she was working on and I think this was in early 2009 and I was psyched from when she first announced that she was recording the album!

My favorites on the album are:

  • Skinny Little Bitch
  • Honey
  • Pacific Coast Highway
  • Someone Else's Bed
  • For Once In Your Life
  • Letter To God
  • Loser Dust
  • How Dirty Girls Get Clean

Basically the whole album! :)

P.S Sorry I've been Holing you to death with all these Courtney Love posts :)

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