Lately I've been so happy and so blissful its really weird in a sense that I haven't felt like this in a long time I just feel really content! I'm really changing my life around so that I can actually have fun and love myself :)

Summer needs to hurry up and get here like ASAP! Because I am so sick of freezing! Even here in Texas where I live its still kind of cold and I've never been anxious for the Texas summer to come! I want sunshine damnit!

Ok...I don't know how to talk about this let alone bring it up on this blog but I have a guilty obession...I've downloaded Ke$ha's 'Animal' album and I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM! like honestly I do...at first I was really upset because she sounded exactly like Uffie and wasnt really trying to hear anything else she put out let alone her album but last week I gave it a listen and I cant stop playing it. Its one of those albums where you listen to it in the summer and just have a good time!... maybe thats what I like it so much?... Dear summer please hurry and get here

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