I know I hardly talk about these two women I'm about to discuss but I'm huge fans of both of them and these two lovely ladies are Katy Perry and Audrey Hepburn, and the reason why I love and respect the both of them is because equally they are the epitome of what I want to become as a lady...and I say that with more of Audrey Hepburn in mind just because shes been around alot longer than Katy Perry. Audrey Hepburn herself as a woman I just admire her roles in films as well as real life are just so inspiring to me and I respect her as a icon. Katy Perry almost equally the same her debut EP album I could relate to alot alot alot everytime when I see her I always think to myself I wish I could be as girly as her with all her glitz and glam with her shiny dresses and full of color its just all very inspiring for me I just love them so much

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JustNorman said...

as much as i like katy perry i gotta say that im more of a zooey deschanel kinda guy. A+