This post is going to be very random but truly weird today I went to go get chinese food from a place right across from my school and long story short I opened up my fortune cookies (which is the best part of eating chinese food) so I open up the two that were in the bag and look what they read!

Its weird because I've been thinking about my future plans some of which I shared on this blog, some via twitter/facebook/in confidence with friends (you know who you are) ;)
But for the most part my future plans are private because I honestly don't know what I want to do with my life. It seems like every couple of months I change my mind on what I specifically want to do. Not exactly a 360 on what I want to base my life around but shifts on what path I want to go down. So for me to get these fortunes is pretty amazing

by the way this song has nothing to do with anything which happened to me but Its sort of about chinese food! :)

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ciesar said...

that was a really good fortune cookie.
mine are always, 'play the lottery w these numbers' lmao.