Ok when I first seen Pink Flamingos on Netflix I assumed that it would be a great movie since Divine famous superstar from the 70s would be in it... and it sort of is a good... and definitely disgusting film directed by John Waters its what I expected! I don't think you can really enjoy this movie if your judgmental, your not familiar with seeing penises or bodily parts, or any sort of porn this isn't the film for you. But It is on the other hand a masterpiece you can definitley tell it has that 70's vibe with its poor acting skills and low budget filming but thats what made it great to me! It graininess of the film and poor directing and shooting. To like it you have to be out of your mind on some type of drugs to see this movie or atleast to enjoy it... when I first watched it all the way through I had to cover my mouth on some parts because it wasn't what I expected at all I have to say to people who want to know about this film (because their isnt an actual trailer of it) is to simply watch it for yourself because this isnt a family type movie AT ALL so if you do go and watch it just to be open to new things! It really is a great film from an art perspective.

P.S I dedicated and took screen captures of the film for Rob at Maiden China Bu I don't know but weirdly enough it reminded me of him? or atleast thought he would like it!

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“örysten said...

It says a lot that after all this time, the movie still has shock value. I've never seen it and I was tempted to watch it when it aired on IFC on day. Don't Divine (if I'm correct) eat pooh at the end ?

ALANNAH said...