Everyday I battle with the love of art, everyday becoming even more inspired then the next. Every form of personal creativity I've found a personal deep love for, a part of creativity that in every aspect I want to some how be a part of one day... wether it be films, to write, create art, to design, or create music I somehow want to be apart of it all. The world would not be beautiful without these aspects. I'd think we would all die honestly.

Over the course of my school holiday break and also in the recent celebration of the New Year It has inspired me alot, to the point of where I even question my future career plans...not a whole 360 turn around on what I originally wanted to do, but I've changed my course it has alot to do with My 2010 Inspiration post that I just made.

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DeeDee said...

Follow your dreams and never let anyone get in the way of them...