The new years is right around the corner for people in the US! :)
For other countries HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
What are some of your new years resolutions?
or did you make any at all??

This year I'm not going to boast on about what I want to do for my resolutions because I look at the post I made last year and half of none of them were completed! lol so I will keep them to myself this year
and you as readers will see the progression as I grow and change as a person (positively of course!) :)

I don't have a new years resolution because I believe I change & grow every day. Everyday in 2010 will be a new day, filled with new goals.

So I wish everyone a GREAT beginning of the new year and alot of great things for me will be changing in my life and also with my blogging I'll keep you posted! Love you all xo

P.S also look what I FINALLY got in the mail... Its been like 2 years since I requested information from this school! (Hence the year 2010/ 'continuing' wrong information requested) But hopefully this school will be in my plans in the near future after I graduate from design school in Dallas! :)


ღ♥ MY FASH' said...

HAPPY NY dear! Now we are curious what goals u will have :P

Good luck and a wooonderful 2010 to u!


Mai Yukimine said...

I hope the new year will bring you good luck and happiness ;)

Shaun Etta Malong John said...

ahhh congrats! tell me if u get in ill come visit u asap!

Célia Bing said...

Wouaww one of the best school in the whole world !! GREAT !

Thanks for your comment, i m really happy, because i fellow yours from months maybe more than one year now !!

We keep in touch !!