It seems like every other day I'm stumbling across amazing fashion sites or they seem to find me some how! We'll recently a certain site found me! Called Fashion Confidential. I must say myself its pretty hard to keep this confidential without sharing it with you guys! So what I really love about this site is that one its an online magazine which is great! Especially during these economic times its very hard for magazine publishers/companies to mass produce their magazines now a days as well as we as buyers,fashion enthusists,"fashionistas" or just anyone who is interested in fashion in general and wants to stay current in fashion news. Its getting a bit pricey when you want to buy all of your favorite magazines so its nice to see Fashion Confidential have their own online magazine on their website. In the online magazine itself is very well put together by color mood and also theme/trend and key pieces towards every page which is very refreshing!

Fashion Confidential also has a section Shop By Designer where you can find almost all of your favorite designers and shop from there. I love this! Lets say for example when I go to the official site of say Alexander Wang and they don't have an specific item in stock on their site FC has it on their site that if you wanted to find that same item you could click on the item you want that will lead you to are other merchandizing stores that sell it!

In conclusion its an amazing site all together whether your wanting to shop, read interviews on new designers or read style reports. So go to http://www.fashionconfidential.co.uk/  and browse around Its definitely has become one of my favorites and I know it will become one of yours
Enjoy! :)

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