(video: via concreteloop)
When I was looking at this video I got emotional, because its great when I hear music that I can relate to. Alot...African American women well women in general we try so hard to be what we think is "beautiful" and/or "perfect" and trust me If you say you don't have that feeling of insecurity sometimes then your just fooling yourself. We...Well I know for a fact that women compete with each other all the time to be beautiful... and its just not possible theres no such thing as perfect no matter how you want to describe your view on "perfect"...Being on the plus size with my weight I defiantly have my guard up always Its very hard when you know and have all the resources and components in your life to change and to be that "perfect person" that you want to be but its defiantly hard...I struggle with my weight everyday like I said before theres not a day where I don't think about what I eat or day dreaming about being a smaller size, or also comparing myself to other girls who are smaller than me (POSITIVELY), or I'm counting calories on what I eat in my head throughout the day... I know theres alot of girls out there that can relate with me on this. Its hard for women to lose weight so when I seen/heard this song I nearly cried...

Its just sometimes you know what you have to do in order to be a better person or the person who you want to be its just hard sometimes...

& P.S Chrisette Michele is one of my role models she so beautiful and talented and also a "plus-sized" girl but she carries herself so well! I would love to be her size!

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