The Horrors are back at it!...wait that sounded so corny and cheezy! The Horrors have a new single out called "Whole New Way" and I must say that I'm not really feeling the song so much...compared to their first album and last album this song sounds way more "pop" more suitable for mainstream play (meaning suitable enough to play on television) The reason why I fell in love with this band is because of their raw sound, its new punk sound with electronic rhythms especially on the Strange House album I most defiantly understand people grow as a band and shift what they want their band to sound like over the course of their career But I'm just hope that the whole album doesn't sound like this

BUT THERE IS A PLUS TO THIS VIDEO! I LOVEEEEEE THE VIDEO! I can always appreciate a beautiful well put together artistic music video! The goggles/glasses that the band is wearing makes the video! The whole setting of the video is just really beautiful

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Shaun Etta Malong John said...

yeah! i miss their old stuff! alannah is a parasite!! I love his glassess & I really cant wait to see them in JAN 2010!!