I've always wanted to watch this movie but I never got the chance to ever see it. A Clockwork Orange if you haven't seen it in my opinion can be summed up as a revenge, karma filled, insanity, torture, and reverse psychological masterpiece all wrapped up into a 136 minute film. Its my kind of film and also a really is a good film! Alot of inspiration and hidden meanings to it. Whenever I watch old films I always pay very close attention to details I love when writers & directors have an artisic way on portraying a subject rather than making things so literal all the time

P.S Wasn't Malcolm McDowell cute in his day! (you guys should know my thing about bad guys in films by now!) #turnon

This look has been "on my mind" he's so evil in this film

*Sorry I've been posting mostly videos and films lately!

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“örysten said...

I've seen this movie probably twice. It's very psychological and it was stylistic for it's time in my opinion. I'm going to have to add the movie to my Netflix que.