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I wish people put more vision into their music videos like this one. The first thing I noticed when seeing this was the Yayoi Kusama polka dotted pumpkin sitting in the middle of the dining table. I love how in the video everything was very structural everything was very precise and hard...very "graphic" is the word I'm looking for! The overall video had a very oriental style to it even the song itself if I had to describe how this song sounded to me (In my own personal opinion) I would say It sounded like a mix of 1980s,Asian, Blues, and autotune. There was alot of art pieces in the video that were just amazing. Hope you like this video.

Hecuba "The Magic" from the album "Paradise" on Manimal Vinyl.
Directed by Isaiah Seret & Jon Beasley.
Special Effects by Benjamin Kutsko.
Produced by Shadie Elnashai.


VenshardKaVon said...

I really enjoyed this.

LivingDeadGirl said...

Wow... This video is fantastic! But I greatly dislike her hair lol

VenshardKaVon said...

whoa, I know I already commented but I listened to this a second time and whoa, I feel it now!!!
I GET IT!!! What a fucking inspiration.