(photo:via style)
Ok...I'm sorry Miuccia but this season I was disappointed...I just didn't understand the concept...or maybe its just not my taste or style the clothes are so harsh and very hard constructed..I'm not into it. Maybe if I seen them individually worn maybe I would like it but overall presentation I didn't like
view the collection here
What do you think? whats your opinions?


VenshardKaVon said...

I don't know about the collection as a whole but the harshness kind of goes with the season I guess? I'm not sure. To me the collection is a reflection of the world and I think that's what the designer was trying to portray. A cold world where everything is cut dry and not much is left to the imagination anymore. Just out there.

ALANNAH said...

I'm talking like a wearing aspect too. Like what woman on a daily basis is going to wear any of that? It doesn't look comfortable or It doesn't look like something you can wear numerous times.

ALANNAH said...

But even when I read the review on which Ms Prada what the "look" she was going for it said "business to beach"....What does business and beach have to do with anything? but she is a wonderful sucessful designer and I wont question her judgement I'm just saying that I don't see real women wearing these clothes more than once