ALOT of inspiration coming in this September lets start top to bottom left to right
Pixie Geldof pictured in Italian Vogue in a Jeremy Scott jacket which was from his spring 2009 collection I've fallen in love with polka dots and circled cut outs recently and I also see that alot of designers are using them as well i.e.. Alex Wang, Erin Wasson, Chris Benz, etc. Shanya! I swear I love this girl! she's been my muse for a while now I don't even know how to describe her style because I don't really like putting people in a "category" that they havnt officially said themselves (OK) but I just love it!! when I come and visit New York I'm gonna go through her closet and play dress up! Her hair her clothes, she is truly unique. ♥

Jil Sander shoes from Fall 2007 that I've also been thinking about every time I look at them I think "monster shoes". I WANT THEM!

Next pair of shoes which are DEI MILLE shoes I just love these shoes to death the holes the whole color of the shoe reminds me of some punk era, which goes into full circle of my inspiration lately.

Usually when I'm looking for inspiring pictures in which I call "picspiration" I go straight to Tumblr where I find the most amazing blogs with inspiring pictures. This time around I found a couple of pictures that struck a train wreck of ideas (in the most positive way possible) the 3-D glasses I want to recreate and make them larger to actually be wearable. The blonde hair I love with the way its captured in this picture all wavy with the leopard sweater I found amazing (you can see the full photo in my previous post) and last but not least Ashley Olsen I didn't want to actually put a picture of her on here but I couldn't find a picture of just a sheer top like the one Ashley has on here

so thats whats been on my mind latley!

Oh and P.S progress on the dress I've been working on soon!

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Anonymous said...

the shoes I wore that night are just like these :)