I know my post's have been lacking in the last couple of days I'm on vacation of school and work so you know I'm relaxing!! but I decided to make an "on my mind" post to sum up the last couple of days of what's been on my brain! Ok let me explain whats on this super picture :

from left to right top to bottom The Kills Midnight Boom cd amazing! if you havnt heard it or if you know nothing of the kills I highly suggest you go look them up on youtube!, Alison Mosshart from the band the Kills I'm inlove with her style and her gold TDH boots!, 1970's David Bowie, Gold Watches, Nude Nail Polishes by Essie, Sweater dress w/exaggerated arms Yoko Ono & John Lennon "War is Over" Campaign that photo is general is beautiful, and Gossip "Dimestore Diamond" song has been playing in my mind since last week!

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