(listen in at 6:46)
(listen in at 30seconds-1:30)

her skin looks dark because its for a magazine shoot its either darker foundation or some sort of tanning stuff. this was during her V Magazine Shoot click here to see

Heres an interview I watched and on gaga and I know that sometimes people think that she's full of it, and just some "want to be"But I get where she is coming from after I watched this It made me love her even more. and when you see someone consistently talking about what they strive for and what they live for everyday you think that its a hoax or you think that their not real. Maybe Gaga may not be real or maybe she is but either way if you don't like her she's apart of pop culture and people will be inspired by her either way and you will be involved with you noticing it or not! thats the amazing thing about pop culture even though you don't like someone or something some how you become apart of it.

Like in the 3rd part of the interview with Gaga it all goes back to how much do you personally know, how much have you opened your mind up to do you think local or are you thinking, opening up, and learning universally?

In my opinion if you don't have a love for anything alternative either it be art, music, photography, different cultures, way of life, or religion and your just stuck in this mindset that if anything that isn't normal to YOU that you automatically say its weird or even question to yourself "what the fuck is that?". Yes sometimes Lady Gaga can be very "avant garde" when it comes to her style but isn't that what expressing yourself all about??

If your all into fashion and the runway shows like Couture, and some RTW (Ready To Wear) you see avant garde/unique designers like Rei Kawakubo for comme DES garcons, Gareth Pugh, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen just to name a few that people know when they make these clothes THEY WANT PEOPLE TO WEAR THEM! AND AS TO ME I SEEM THEM AS IF THEY-ARE-ART-PIECES that are beautiful and meant to be worn as physical expression to how you feel. So when I see Gaga I don't say "what the fuck was she thinking" I simply see it as self expression.

I know for a fact that everyone once in their life has worn something "out of the norm" that your friends or family didn't really approve of or get but you wore it anyways just because you wanted to and its what YOU LIKED!

So I'm guessing and I think that if your not open to trying new things or quick to judge then your as ignorant and as close-minded as the next uneducated mind. Thats sort of the whole reason why I blog because I like opening my friends eyes up to new and different things that they never would've looked twice at if I didn't introduce it to them through this blog or actually showing them.

So I'm not asking you to give Lady Gaga a chance I'm just simply asking you to open up your mind and search beyond your horizon and what is main stream

(thank you, and sorry if that was wordy)


Whitney said...

her skin looks horrible

ALANNAH said...

its for a magazine shoot its either darker foundation or some sort of tanning stuff. this was during her V Magazine Shoot

VenshardKaVon said...

Thank you Alannah. For posting this!!! For being the kind of inspired person to watch the whole 5 of these and appreciate every single word!!!
I just don't know if this generation/or this side of the "world ending" generation will ever come across a person quite like Gaga. It's just unexplainable and undeniable that even with 1 album she will go on forever!!! There will always be reference to her name or her style. She gives gays respect!!! And I'm not trying to act like I was one of the ones at the first concert but I remember the first time I heard this song on 106.1 kiss fm when I was about 15? It was a really tough time in my life and I truly think that this started a new era in my being. Ahh!!! I don't want to write a book, I just want to tell you that this is by far the MOST, the BEST, the GREATEST blog post I have ever seen. And I absolutely know that you were truly inspired by this because even after watching all 5 of these, and posting them. You had the inspiration juices flowing and you wrote everything that came to mind!!! I just can't stop. She is just amazing. And the stuff she is using is most likely mystic, it's like a spray tan but I believe they use a stick. It's known for having an orange appeal. That's why when she rubbed her chin it became lighter because it becomes splotchy after a couple of hours. But yeah!!! Thanks for this. I was really having a bad day/night/insomnia trip

little shadow said...

I just love her so much.
Can't wait to watch these!