whats the use of saying something when its already been said
whats the use of showing someone something when the whole world has already seen it??

When I blog I try to bring you new and old stuff that has been dusted off from the archives to be posted on this blog. Stuff that alot of main-stream minds arent used to...this is not one of those blogs where you see the same picture thats been circulated onto every other blog in the course of the same week. I really want to stray away from that because if I really wanted to I could post on all the starlets and celebrities and tell u how much I love their trendy clothes which I do love to talk about but I don't want that to be the over all feel and look to my own personal blog when I first created this blog I wanted it to be about the things that inspired me. Now that I actually have an audience that actually reads my blog all I want to do is inspire the world If I some how trigger you with the things that I like and post on this blog to create something amazing and beautiful then I'm happy

Like how at the bottom of my banner at the top of my blog says "I'm here to bring you the things you don't know you like yet" which was said by singer Kelis but I've adopted it into my life because where I live I am different and I know atleast over the last couple of years I've opened up my friends minds to different things than just main-stream, stuck-in-a-bubble "local" mentality.

(sorry in advance If i misspelled or miss pronounced how to spell "thank you" in your language)
Thank you, شكرا لك, благодаря, 謝謝您, tak, bedankt, merci, Danke, धन्यवाद, terima kasih, grazie, ありがとうございました, 감사합니다, dziękuję, Спасибо, gracias, tack, cảm ơn bạn

thank you to everyone who reads my blog and to the new people who subscribed for updates I really appreciate it alot alot alot! :)

and also later on like maybe a couple of months from now I will be starting a new blog, a style/life blog PLANEE JANE will still be up and running but I just want to venture out into more detailed blogging about my life and such :) so i hope that all the people who follow this blog will transfer to my other one also
thank you once again,

Metric - "Satellite Mind"

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