Okay new edition to PLANEE JANE I've came up with this idea that i'll generate some ideas of outfits of things online that I might (I would) wear in real life and so I named it "my weird styling" and the reason why I call it that is because, as myself I do not feel comfortable "styling" someone else's attire only because I feel it as if that style is something that you do or don't have I don't really believe in someone dressing you like a barbie doll only for the soul purpose of you trying to look "trendy" "cool" or "fit in". Having style in my opinion is what you like and how you incorporate that into your everyday life because If I see someone in something that doesn't look comfortable on them or I see that their trying to hard I wont push them to wear something that they don't feel absolutely comfortable in...THATS JUST MY THEORY! But I do appreciate professional successful stylists that do have talent in dressing other people
(Blazer - TopShop | Thermal/Long John - Alexander Wang | Boots - Doc Martins | Bag - YSL)
Honestly I would really wear this! I cant wait until Fall/Winter hahaha! (may I mind you it doesn't get that cold in Texas during the winter so this would be perfect!)

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