I've been thinking about this lately it seems like everyone is talking about the "future" especially in music but if you really think about it...is the future really the future? In a sense that tomorrow is considered the future let alone 5 years...It seems like nothings changed (excluding technology) but we as people, have we changed to actually call the 20th century and so on the "future"? I remember watching films from the 1930's and seeing how they perceived the future as the cliche of silver shiny suits, white jumpsuits with a stripe, robots, or robotic like clothes etc. But nothings changed in reality besides global warming and George Bush fucking up the economy FOR EVERYONE! I guess thats the future? Negativity & Harm to the planet?

Just for me personally I cant say anything about the future or being "futuristic" because its all cliche its what people precieve what is actually futuristic to them. If you call shiny silver, chrome everything, the jetsons type style futuristic then thats what it means to you but in reality futuristic is non-predictable it is obsolete. You can not predict the future and what it is or what it will be...

(if you ever hear me say anything about being/sounding/looking futuristic its only from what I know what I've grown up learning...based my imagination... and trust me it can get crazy lol)

What do you think?


Yinka said...

i'm just waiting on my jetpack & robotic maid.

Blacksuga said...

I totally agree.
And it's like even in fashion when an idea promotionally or what have you is presented to society that involve the shiny suits, the robotic like attire, they don't accept it as the now or thinking... "hey I may want to wear that (say.. tomorrow!)" It's more like just another of idea of the 'future' when that 'future' keeps trying to make an emergence, and we're not accepting it lollll.

I can't wait until the Jetson's state of mind becomes our reality personally.