Sorry I haven't posted in like what....2 days! usually I post spastically its just because this week has been crazy with school assignments designing this dress for class and my technical drawing class equals madness But I promise you this week I'm living pretty much under a rock and posting all week because I got a couple of magazines A COUPLE OF GREAT MAGAZINES! I think I spend too much on magazines but its because US Magazines to excite me anymore maybe a few good pictorials and thats it but I've officially gone International when It comes to fashion journalism, layout placement, cover stories, pictorials,etc So this time around I got these!:

(Paris Vogue, Brittish Elle Fall 2009 Collections, US Harpers Bazaar, and US Elle)
I've skimmed through them all but this weekend I'll actually sit down and actually read through the whole thing I-CAN-NOT-WAIT! and I just had to get the very blogworthy issue of Paris Vogue August 2009 issue! in the magazine fashion editors and stylists and photographers of the magazine paid homage to alot of famous designers and icons (BLONDIE!) and I JUST HAD TO GET IT I only own 2 Paris Vogue's the one with Laura Stone and this August issue but I can not wait and I will be scanning pictures of the editorials that I find inspiring and alot of pictures because I've been seeing on the poll that I put up that you guys want to see more fashion editorial stuff so i'll post it

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how do i make lil' moving clips like this??