I've been questioning myself off and on this question what do you as readers, on lookers, lurkers (lol maybe? no!) like about this blog?

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' мesi.моsiε » said...

i don't know, maybe cause i always find fashion really fun and intresting, and i love this blog cause it sort of uhh.... whats the word i should use?... ugh, i dunno what the word is :( I'll just use, "opens the door" and shows me even more interesting things and give me more things to look into, and read up on and all that jazz. I don't know, i like it here, its fun, interesting and attractive.

Anonymous said...

I Love this Blog bcuz of its simplicity..the context of which you deliver you ideas & etc. plays alot into it..sometimes every single blog out there can be tlkin' abou the same thing, but i would so much rather read yours bcuz you actually have an opinion of your own nd not juss goin' by every1 else's..& also you update your blog daily, i kno its alot to stay consistent with a blog, but no reader wants to check your blog on monday nd then again on friday nd still you haven't made any updates..but its not like dat with you nd dats wat i really love!! oooh i almost forgot the pictures nd the layout..i like dat 2!

The Fashion Connection said...

everything! you feature a wide coverage of everything from music to fashion and you seem like a really intelligent and focused girl and I respect that.

Yinka said...

i love how you open my eyes to things i 've never heard of/seen! :D

mjbright said...

yika said it best.

you keep new things coming.

i come to your blog for new music, new trends, inspiration, the photos, new disigners. new everything.

i love this blog. you do too, so stop questioning something that is so amazing.

i mean, i'm just sayin =)

LALA said...

aww thank you so much guys I REALLY appreciate it! :D